Here is some useful information regarding frequently asked questions:

Why catamarans?

Catamarans combine the perfect mix of sailing, comfort and social space. These types of yachts are stable and spacious offering a fantastic space, making it ideal for friends and families looking to relax and spend time together on the water.

Catamarans are more stable than a monohull and as such, they do not bang back and forth in swells. This way the guests cruisers can eat, sleep, and live far more.

Catamarans are much wider than monohulls and therefore provide enormous space for cockpits, salon, kitchen, sleeping cabins ect. In tropical climates this is an enormous plus because cruisers tend to spend the majority of their time dining, reading, and lounging in the cockpit under the protection of the bimini.

The main salon of a catamaran is on the same level as the cockpit which makes the access easier without stairs. The view from the cockpit is also better in comparison to the monohulls. In the main saloon guests remain intimately connected to the world outside. This makes dining , cooking, reading, lounging and navigating far more pleasant.

Guests are far less vulnerable to sea sickness because you have mostly fore and aft pitching and very little beam-to-beam motion.

Last but no least, it is much more comfortable. to sleep on a boat that doesn't heel.

What is the sailing weather in Aegean see?

Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate. Summers in the lowlands are hot and dry with clear skies. The mountain areas are much cooler, with considerable rain in winter. The weather in the Greek Islands is generally beautiful with cloudless blue skies, especially in summer.

Summer weather in the islands begins in May with daily highs in the mid-20s. By July the daytime temperature is often in the 30s. July and August are the peak summer months, and temperature will rarely drop below 20°C even at night. Fortunately the islands are relieved by the cooling "Meltemi" winds - sea breezes that blow from the north and north-west./

The winds are strongest in July and August when they are needed the most. Mid-May to Mid-September is very dry, while July and August are unlikely to see any rainfall at all. Winters are mild and wet - somewhat akin to an English spring. Temperature will generally be in the low to mid-teens, although a sunny day can sometimes see the temperature creep up towards 20°C.


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When is ideal time to travel in?

Every month is ideal!
LAZY is ideal all year round. The spacious indoor saloon provides an airy protected space, while the air-conditioned interior (saloon and cabins) provide luxury, secure accommodation no matter the weather.

Every month is different and can be enjoyed to the full with our catamaran. During the warm months you can enjoy swimming, while in the cooler months you can enjoy the quietness the islands have to offer and the unknown surprises a trip can throw up as you discover the local's lifestyle up close. During low season guests can enjoy the LAZY experience taking advantage of the relatively lower rates. Also this is the best time for fishing.

Why do I need a skipper? I know how to sail.
Skipper and hostess are included in our price.

Chartering a boat with a skipper has numerous benefits:

You've got more choice - you're free to decide whether to captain the boat yourself with the skipper next to you for information and assistance, or to relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and family, while letting the skipper handle everything else, releasing you of all worries and responsibilities.

He ensures you want for nothing on your holidays-On such a large catamaran with so many electrical and mechanical parts, the skipper is the person who knows how to handle any adverse situations that might arise at sea, and who in most cases can immediately fix anything that's broken so that you want for nothing on your holidays.

He ensures that you feel safe-The skipper knows the best anchoring spots, local conditions and depths in the area, freeing you from the stress of sudden emergencies such as the anchor coming lose at night. Moreover, if everyone wants to enjoy a trip to the beach but the anchorage isn't safe, the skipper will stay on board allowing you to enjoy the local sights without a care in the world.

You're saving money-Where a boat is constantly used only by a professional or under the supervision of a professional, the boat and its equipment can be kept in excellent condition, releasing you in the case of damage.

And of course, he'll make your trip more interesting-The skipper will suggest places that are less well known but that you're bound to want to learn about and enjoy. It would definitely be a pity to miss out on them!

Are pets allowed?
Pets are most welcome. In this case the catamaran have to undergo biological cleaning after the charter is over. This costs is € 300. There is also an € 700 refundable deposit to cover any potential damage to the catamaran.
How many people can the catamaran accommodate?
Lazy can host 8 adults in 4 comfortable cabins with their own en suite facilities. We don't recommend anyone sleeping in the saloon since it can't be fully blacked out and the mattresses haven't been designed for sleeping on. In all events, no more than 12 guests are permitted for safety reasons (life rafts, vessel protocols, etc.)
If the catamaran is damaged, who takes liability?
Any damage to the catamaran due to natural causes or erroneous manoeuvres, while at sea or anchored, are covered by the skipper. The charterer is only liable if he causes damage to the equipment or furniture, etc. Those are covered by deposit.
What rules apply on board?

While the vessel is at sea children and anyone who doesn't know how to swim who plan to use the outdoor areas of the catamaran (beyond the bounds of the outdoor saloon) must wear a life jacket.

It's a good idea not to wear the same footwear on board the catamaran that one wears on land. Outdoor areas are often wet with the result that footwear worn off the catamaran can leave puddles, creating a risk of slipping.

Indoors, the catamaran has an oak floor. While it may be very beautiful, it is also extremely sensitive. Indoors you can wear shoes you have specially set aside for use on board . Any shoes used on land are prohibited. High heels are also prohibited.